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Words are measured by
their resonance.

We put thoughts and ideas into words.
Ours is the craft of eloquence.

The Eloquents is a specialized content and copywriting agency. What we do is articulate - eloquently - what you have to say to the world.

We listen, we analyse, we research, and then we express.



We narrate copy that echoes with target audiences.
It is copy that resonates, and thus manifests itself into the desired action.

Marketing Collateral

Companies, new and established, need marketing collateral material for all sales and marketing activities. We create copy for websites, corporate profiles, sales presentations, social media bios, and more.


Campaigns Creative

Our wordsmiths not only craft copy, but creative concepts as well. We create the big ideas that capture the interests of target audiences, influences their responses and inspires them to take action.



To portray a concept in the form of a narration, be it minutes or seconds long, is a challenge. This is a skill our wordsmiths have mastered, whether in casual, formal, descriptive or corporate forms.


Social Media Copy

Each social media platform has best practices when it comes to copy. Our wordsmiths duly create copy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and more, as well as content strategies and periodic calendars.



As masters of language, we know how to adapt copy to an alternate language. This includes transcreation, creative translation, localization, video subtitling, transliteration and more.



Copy editing is just as important as copy creation. To refine words into their best possible form requires expertise, and our editing and proofreading skills have proven to be praiseworthy, time and again.

We have written a lot of words.
Here are some of them.